Are You Cyber-Insurable in 2024?

Why it’s harder than ever to get coverage,
keep your coverage, and get your claims paid


We manage cyber risk
for entrepreneurial businesses

Growth-focused entrepreneurs need enterprise-grade IT management

Is this you?

  • You’re the owner or manager of business that is working hard to expand and take advantage of every growth opportunity.
  • You’re looking for a team of hard-working, skilled experts to manage and support your information technology that also values your entreprenurial journey.

  • It’s a careful high-wire balancing act. You need IT that gets that.
  • While your business isn’t in the Fortune 100 (yet), you don’t want to cut corners with cyber security that may put your entire business at risk.

We support IT across the globe, but Chicago is home

Our Story

We have provided busineses across the globe with professional information technology services for more than twenty five years, whether they share our home town of Chicago or not. In today's high-risk hyper-connected world, we encourage organizations to partner with professionals best suited to support their needs, without focus on geography.

From the early age of sixteen, our founder has valued partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs and building information technology solutions to support their business goals. Our seamless, integrated service delivery model allows our client organizations to be laser-focused on their core business, while delegating all information technology challenges to our 24/7/365 experts.

We have vCSOs for your board room and technicians for your day-to-day support

What do our clients say?

“After years of patching together our computers and server, our system was sufficiently ‘messed up.’ We were rebooting every few hours to prevent data loss. Then we called ChicagoTG and now our system is ‘flawless.’ You people are GREAT!! Thank you.”
“ChicagoTG has always been there for us, whether we needed a ‘quick fix’ or routine maintenance of our computers and network. In addition, at the management and consulting level, ChicagoTG’s advice has been invaluable to us in putting together the ‘pieces of the computer puzzle’ and formulating a cohesive computer strategy.”
“I have partnered with ChicagoTG for all of my company computer and technology needs. I have always found them extremely dependable and quick to respond. Whatever I have been able to envision for the future technology needs of my company, they have been able to implement. ChicagoTG continues to be a very needed and valuable asset to my company.”
“Contracting with ChicagoTG for their professional technology support services has afforded us the peace of mind to ‘leave that job to them’ so that we can get back to the basics of focusing all of our time and energies doing what we do best–managing a real estate office.”
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We invest significant resources in every client engagement. Thus, we are very selective about which organizations we decide to partner with.

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